L'Oreal - 888 N. Douglas

L'Oreal's space is USA Building headquarters and are bringing together all of the company's California-based brands that were previously housed in Los Angeles, Encino and Newport Beach.


Hackman Capital Partners


El Segundo, California

Project Team
  • Studio Blitz


  • Corporate Contractors, Inc.

    General Contractor

  • Project Management

Project Type


Corporate Interiors

Tenant Improvement

  • Construction Administration

  • Design Administration

  • Lease/Workletter Management

  • Occupancy Management

  • Permit Management

  • Project Accounting

  • Schedule & Budget Management

  • Project Facts
    • 20-Acres, 410,000 SF manufacturing warehouse

    • 70,000 SF leased to L’Oreal USA building headquarters

    • Tenant improvement of existing manufacturing warehouse converted into modern office space

    • Includes corporate offices ranging from development, marketing, and sales to creative planning and e-commerce

    • 4-Acres of landscaped outdoor area