Bruce Heimbach

LEGOLAND California Hotel

LEGOLAND California Hotel features a unique design, including more than 3,500 LEGO models throughout the hotel, built from three million LEGOs.


Merlin Entertainments Group, Inc.


Carlsbad, California

Project Team
  • Merlin Studios, London

    Concept Architect

  • Delawie Architects

    Production Architect

  • RD Olson Construction

    General Contractor

  • Development Management

Project Type

Entertainment & Attractions


Hotels & Resorts

  • Design Administration

  • Financial Analysis

  • Pre-Design Administration

  • Program Management

  • Schedule & Budget Management

  • Project Facts
    • 140,000 SF of new construction

    • Three story, 250 themed guestrooms

    • Full service restaurant, bar & grill and lounge

    • Interactive play areas, outdoor pool, fitness room, events room

    • Large smoke breathing LEGO dragon; seven large animated LEGO models, disco Elevator, pulsing lights, rotating mirror ball, large talking and water spraying dragon