Bruce Heimbach

LEGOLAND California Hotel

LEGOLAND California Hotel is three stories, featuring LEGO pirate, adventure, and kingdom themed guestrooms, restaurants, an outdoor pool, interactive play areas with LEGO, an event room and fitness center. The unique design includes more than 3,500 LEGO models throughout the hotel, built from approximately three million LEGOs.


Merlin Entertainments Group, Inc.


Carlsbad, California

Project Team
  • Merlin Studios, London

    Concept Architect

  • Delawie Architects

    Production Architect

  • RD Olson Construction

    General Contractor

  • Project Management

Project Type


  • Construction Administration

  • Design Administration

  • Pre-Design Administration

  • Program Management

  • Schedule & Budget Management

  • Securing Entitlements

  • Project Facts
    • 140,000 SF of New Construction

    • Three Story/250 Themed Guestrooms

    • Full Service Restaurant, Bar & Grill and Lounge

    • Interactive Play Areas, Outdoor Pool, Fitness Room, Events Room

    • Large Smoke Breathing LEGO Dragon; Seven Large Animated LEGO models, Disco Elevator, Pulsing Lights, Rotating Mirror Ball, Large Talking and Water Spraying Dragon