Unconventional Tech Hubs Lead to Micro-Cities

Tech hubs are no longer pigeonholed to specific cities like San Francisco, Austin, or Denver. In fact, tech companies are creating their own hubs in places that can offer space, flexibility, affordability, and room to expand and attract new talent. Recently cited as one of the largest commercial real estate projects in the nation, MidCity District is a nationally acclaimed mixed-use district located in Huntsville, Alabama.

The project is based around the Cummings Research Park which is the second-largest research park in the United States. The park is home to the convergence of the defense, aerospace, and tech workforce in Huntsville, with a combined workforce that exceeds 100,000 people. Once complete, the development will serve as a mini-city with dining, entertainment, office space, parks, event space, and residential and hotel living. There are also aspects of the development that are striving to be net-zero-energy, which is an important goal for those working on the project as well as those who will inhabit the area. Traditional tech locations might be a thing of the past as the next-generation workforce starts to dictate where they want to work and live. PMA finds these cutting-edge projects to be fun and innovative and offers our team a chance to step out of the box when it comes to project management, and collaborating with great teams like RCP Companies, Looney Ricks Kiss (LRK) and Doster Construction. 

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