Project: Home for the Holidays

After a long period of being away, it's finally time to head home for the holidays. To return to familiar territory and settle in. To discover what's changed. To be reunited with loved ones. Will heading back home be a challenge? Nah, we think it will be instinctual…

We are pleased to announce the Lincoln Park Zoo Lions are back at their newly renovated habitat accompanied by the twinkling Zoo lights!


Originally built in 1912 and declared a historic landmark in 2005, the Lincoln Park Zoo's Lion House Renovation addressed the changing standards in animal care and welfare. The newly renovated state-of-the-art-habitat named the Pepper Family Wildlife Center opened its doors to the public and features a new pride of lions.

Renovation improvements span the entire north side of the building including extensive habitat rock work and landscaping, an addition of a new Kalwall canopy system that will protect the animals from the elements, and climate-controlled zones with hot and cool rocks allowing the lions to spend more time outside during all seasons.

Tree structures and deadfall were made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified trees and a food zipline, simulating prey, was installed for lion feeding as an enrichment opportunity.

Project Team:

Owner: Lincoln Park Zoological Society,Client: Maureen Leahy,Architect: Goettsch Partners,MEP: Primera Engineering,Structural: WSP,Exhibit Designer: PJA Architects,Façade Architect: Revive Architecture Place,Project Management Team: Project Management Advisors, Inc. ,PMA Team: Heather Amro (Senior Project Manager), Alice Rebechini (Vice President), Jeff Zogby (Vice President)

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