PMA – Deep Roots in Austin

Who is Project Management Advisors, Inc. (PMA)? 

We get that a lot.  We also get a lot of “are you from here?”  These are truly important questions to ask, especially in a market as dynamic as Austin, Texas.  In Austin, who you are and where you’re from matters.  It especially mattered 20 years ago when the entire metroplex was still less than 1 million people and local sensibilities were decidedly more provincial.  But even today, as our beloved city pushes ever closer to the 2.5 million mark, it matters – and it matters a lot.  Who you are and where you’re from brings instant credibility and that’s a PMA strong suit. 

The reason we’re often asked this question is because the PMA name is still somewhat new here in town.  The company, headquartered in Chicago with seven regional US offices, formally announced its presence in Austin in a spring 2020 press release, but in reality PMA had been managing large complex projects in Austin for over five years before that announcement was made.  PMA first arrived in Austin in 2016 to manage a project for one of its international technology clients and decided to put down roots here for so many obvious reasons.  After a few years of tremendous success and growth, PMA officially planted its Austin flag in June 2019 at 515 Congress. Shortly after, the company decided to expand , and through an acquisition, merged a local project management company, American Realty Project Management (ARPM), into the already existing PMA structure. 

Since establishing its  sixth office in Austin, PMA continues to grow nationally, as well as locally through the addition of talent.  PMA has focused intently on growing the depth and breadth of its Austin team and has added professionals with strong backgrounds in development, architecture, engineering, general contracting, sustainability and even law.   They each bring their ideas and solutions to the table for our team and our clients, and collectively represent a unique concentration of talent and focus in project management that we just haven’t seen in Central Texas.  Our team’s average residency in Austin is more than seven years, so we know the city , understand the Austin dynamic and most importantly, we know the real estate, development and construction markets cold.  Naturally, we’ll continue to focus on growing our regional footprint and will add capacity in the coming years as Austin continues to flourish.

But the question asked still remains unanswered.  Who is PMA?  Now that you know a little more about how we got to Austin, here’s a bit more about us.  We are a national real estate advisory firm that provides owner’s representation consulting services, offering tailored development management, project management, investor management and program management services.  PMA’s professionals are skilled in multiple disciplines and provide 360‐degree perspective on every assignment, every time.  PMA utilizes specialized systems, tools and software to manage diverse projects in a broad range of industries out of seven domestic regional offices and in numerous international markets.  Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, regional developers, institutional investors and other leading organizations in the commercial, corporate interiors, healthcare, hospitality, life sciences, residential, civic/municipal, technology, retail/mixed-use, education and not-for-profit sectors.

We’re intimately connected to ATX, we’ve put down deep roots and we’re here to stay. 

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