• Photo of San Diego County Crime Lab

San Diego County Crime Lab

San Diego, California

The San Diego County Crime Lab is the third phase of the County Operations Center Development, the largest public works project in the history of the County. The site of the new crime lab is occupied by the existing fleet maintenance facility, which must be relocated to clear the site for the new crime lab.  The new crime lab will house 200 employees, allowing forensic lab technicians, property and evidence storage facilities, and detectives all operate under the same roof for the first time.  

PMA was brought on to provide overall construction management services, ensuring that the project is consistent with the County’s goals.  Schedule management was extremely important due to the continuous operation of the County Operations Center throughout the project included coordinated shut down and start up of systems. PMA also assists in monitoring the project to ensure it complies with County’s Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Building Performance Goals.

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