• Photo of Francis W. Parker School Library Renovation

Francis W. Parker School Library Renovation

Chicago, Illinois

Francis W. Parker’s (FWP) goal was to create a new library that incorporated technology to respond to the changing demands and uses of the space, which was no longer being used for typical “quiet activities”. The updated, modern space allows students to gather, work on team projects, study independently and create. As technology has become a larger part of FWP’s library program, specific programmatic elements such as a designated technology room, 3D printers, teleport monitors and genius hubs were incorporated to allow students to connect their studies and work.

Project Management Advisors, Inc. (PMA) assisted FWP in retaining a general contractor for pre-construction and prepared the project budget based FWP’s fundraising efforts and schedule goals. It was imperative to maximize the Summer availability for construction in order to have a usable space for the beginning of the school year.

Type: Education