PMA is Pleased to Announce the Naming of New Shareholders of the Company

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The naming of new shareholders is in recognition of their individual contributions, dedication, and embodiment of the company values, vision, and goals that have characterized PMA over our 28 year history.   

We would like to congratulate the following leaders as they join the other shareholders of the company. 

From left to right: Peter Jones, Senior Project Manager, Meris Ota, Vice President, and Robert Wilson, Vice President.

Existing Shareholders

J. Michael Tracy
Roger McCarron
Ken Richter
Andrew Roscoe
Ross Anders
Bernard Baker
Nicholas Bassing
Andrew Bohnert
Leon Camarda
Marina Christodoulides
Nicholas Clayton
B. Timothy Desmond
Adam Enright
Ted Giesing
Russell Hamilton
Jason Heider
Allison Owens 
Omar Rihani
Thomas Ramsey
Jeffrey Sobczyk
Jill Tarby
Jeffrey Zahorak
Jeffrey Zogby